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WAITRESS: What do you want?
BEN: What are my choices?
WAITRESS: Everything’s ten dollars, and there’s no alcohol.
BEN: No alcohol?
WAITRESS: No alcohol. You gotta get something else. Everything’s ten dollars. What do you want?
BEN: What do you think I should get?
WAITRESS: Non-alcoholic malt beverage?
BEN: Noooo.
WAITRESS: Orange soda?
BEN: No.
BEN: No.
WAITRESS: Sparkling apple cider?
BEN: No.
BEN: Water?
WAITRESS: One drink minimum per show. Everything’s ten dollars. Now... tell me what you want or I’ll eighty-six you.
BEN (decides): Water.
She writes down W.A.T.E.R. and walks away. Ben calls her back.
BEN: Just how much would it cost for you to eighty-six me?

em Leaving Las Vegas, de Mike Figgis, 1995.

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