Diálogos (18)

Donovan: Good morning, sir. My name is Jim Donovan. These are my credentials.

(Both men stand looking at each other, Abel still at the threshold. After a beat he moves in further, his gaze holding on Donovan who glances at papers on table.)

Donovan: I’m a partner at Watters, Cowan and Donovan. I was admitted to the New York Bar in 1941.

(As the guard slams the door shut, Abel picks up the papers and inspects them. Donovan watches him, trying to read him.)

Donovan: ...You’ve been charged with three counts and nineteen overt acts; conspiracy to transmit United States defense and atomic secrets to the Soviet Union; conspiracy to gather secrets; and failing to register as a foreign agent.
Abel: Do many foreign agents register?

em A Ponte dos Espiões (Bridge of Spies) de Steven Spielberg (2015).

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