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(Bill Sullivan visits Ed at home to let him know that they're forming the CIA as a peacetime OSS)

Bill Sullivan: I have to tell you, I have some real problems with this whole thing despite how much we need it. I'm concerned that too much power will end up in the hands of too few. It's always in somebody's best interest to promote enemies real or imagined. I see this as America's eyes and ears; I don't want it to become its heart and soul. So I told the president for this to work there is going to have to be some kind of civilian oversight.

Edward Wilson: Oversight? How can you have a covert organization if you have people looking over your shoulder?

Bill Sullivan: You know who gave Hitler his power? The clerks and the bookkeepers, the civil servants. I have this one weakness: I believe in a just God. I always seem to err on the side of democracy.

(Bill Sullivan is getting into his car to leave)

Bill Sullivan: No matter what anyone tells you there'll be no one you can really trust.

(pause, looks away)

Bill Sullivan: I'm afraid when all is said and done we're all just clerks too.

em O Bom Pastor (The Good Shepherd) de Robert De Niro (2006)

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